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Trick or Treat Tips for Divorced Parents

  1. Take the children Trick or Treating together.

    If there are lingering tensions between you and your Ex, this is definitely not the solution for you. Children quickly pick up on stress or tensions between their parents and it is important to allow your children to enjoy a stress-free Halloween. On the other hand, if you and your Ex have a calm and cordial relationship, Trick or Treating with you both may be a way to create memories your children will always cherish.

  2. Divide the Trick or Treating route.

    Plan the Trick or Treating route ahead of time with one parent walking with the children for the first half and the other parent walking with the children for the second half. This arrangement allows the children to spend time with both parents and to avoid any tensions that may still exist between you and your Ex.

  3. Take the children to a party or event.

    Many businesses, churches, and organizations offer Halloween activities and parties at times other than traditional Trick or Treating hours. If you cannot be with your children for Trick or Treating itself, take advantage of one of these events.

  4. Plan a Halloween party.

    Plan a Halloween party for a time your children will be with you. With a few spooky decorations and Halloween themed snacks, you can create a Halloween your children will never forget.

Actress and billionaire agree to settle custody dispute

The couple began dating in 2004 and ended the relationship in 2007. They then began seeing one another again the next year and got engaged. They ended the relationship again in 2009, but Ms. Thurman had a baby with him in 2012. The on-again, off again nature of the romance has continued as recently as March of 2015 when they were seen together on vacation.

Ms. Thurman already has two children with actor Ethan Hawke. Before her marriage to Mr. Hawke, she was married to actor Gary Oldman. Mr. Busson has a fortune that is estimated at approximately $1 billion. He has two sons from a prior relationship with model Elle Macpherson. Mr. Busson and Ms. Thurman had been in dispute regarding the child they share since 2014. They agreed to a co-parenting plan, and the judge presiding over the case appreciated the fact that they had each compromised.

Any situation involving child custody can be difficult, regardless of the stature of the parents. Those who are embroiled in one sometimes forget that the best interests of the child should be paramount. A parent who is in this type of a situation may find the guidance of a family law attorney to be helpful.

Source: Inquisitr, ‘Uma Thurman Settles Custody Battle With Billionaire French Financier,” Sept. 19, 2015

Modifying support orders in North Carolina

Cohabitation may be described as two adults living together habitually and continuously in a private heterosexual or homosexual relationship. Even without an official marriage, cohabitation may exist once the couple mutually adopts the duties, obligations, rights and intimate relations realized by married spouses. Once North Carolina assumes jurisdiction over an alimony order issued in another state, the new order supersedes any existing order, and be modified if there has been a significant change in circumstances.

In order to change the jurisdiction from another state to North Carolina, civil action may be required. A new order will be entered in the local judicial system, and it will either supersede or modify the previous order if changes in the family’s dynamic warrants as much. The new order will only be modified to the extent that it would have been in the state where the order originated.

People who need more information about modifying an existing divorce order may benefit from consulting a divorce lawyer who has experience in family law matters. Legal counsel may be prepared to review the current circumstances of each party and the existing order in an effort to help determine whether or not a modification is warranted.