Actor Gary Oldman facing another divorce

North Carolina residents may have heard that actor Gary Oldman will be getting divorced for the fourth time. The actor married his current wife, a singer, in 2008.

Mr. Oldman’s wife filed the petition in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Jan. 9, citing irreconcilable differences. Although the petition lists the date of separation as to be determined, a spokesman for Mr. Oldman stated that the couple has been separated for more than a year.

The petition indicates the couple’s community and separate property has not been determined and that an asset statement will be filed later. Mr. Oldman stated that the divorce will be an amicable one. He indicated the couple’s nearly 20-year age difference contributed to their marital breakdown. The couple do not have children, although Mr. Oldman has three children from his prior marriages. No response has been filed to the divorce petition.

Some people will end up going through several divorces in their lifetimes. No matter how many divorces a person has had, each one can pose strong emotions with which the person will have to wrestle. A spouse who is served with divorce papers will then have a limited time in which to respond to the petition. In a case in which a couple does not have children, the primary issues will be property division and, in some cases, spousal support. Determining the assets in a high asset divorce can be complicated, involving forensic accountants and investigators in some cases in order to locate hidden accounts. For that reason, family law attorneys will sometimes need to hire such financial experts in order to uncover assets that their clients may be entitled to.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Gary Oldman’s fourth wife files for divorce after yearlong separation”, Nardine Saad, Jan. 12, 2015