Cary Marital Agreements Lawyer

Every person has unique goals and needs that they bring into a marriage. Often, these goals and needs will change over time. When couples try to address those goals and needs, they do so by creating marital agreements. If you believe that there may be a place for a marital agreement in your marriage, speaking with a Cary marital agreements lawyer may be an effective first step in exploring your options.

While every marital agreement is unique, they often share similarities. There are many different circumstances and reasons that lead individuals to explore the role a marital agreement may play. It is important to approach any marital agreement with a basic understanding of how they work and one of our skilled family lawyers can help you understand them.

Understanding Marital Agreements

Marital agreements are agreements pertaining to some aspect of the marriage. Often, these agreements are legally binding contracts that apply to important aspects of the marriage such as the assets involved in the marriage. They are essentially a way for individuals to take certain legal steps towards meeting the various needs within the marriage.

There are many different reasons why couples may seek to create a marital agreement. Marital agreements can take many forms and address many different issues and concerns, but they are often used for similar purposes. For instance, couples concerned about protecting their assets or even preserving those assets for certain family members before entering into a marriage may want to consider a prenuptial agreement.

When couples do not choose a prenuptial agreement, but circumstances arise after a marriage that may warrant one, postnuptial agreements can be an option for addressing those new concerns. These agreements often serve the same role as a prenuptial agreement but are entered into after a marriage.

Separation and divorce agreements are also considered marital agreements. These types of agreements typically lay out the various terms of the action at hand including issues surrounding property division, asset division, and various support obligations. Marital agreements can be helpful in these circumstances by allowing couples to navigate the process on their own and make important decisions together when possible instead of leaving them up to the courts.

Creating an Agreement in Cary

When it comes to the dynamic role marital agreements can play in a family, it is important to explore all the options that are available when it comes to contemplating such agreements. An experienced Cary marital agreements lawyer understands that every family has unique needs and is able to take a dynamic approach throughout the marital agreements process in order to help a couple understand all their options.

Marital agreements can have a significant impact on a person’s marriage and family during the marriage, during divorce, after divorce, and for years to come. They can have a significant impact on many aspects of their life, especially their finances.

Additionally, marital agreements may have far-reaching consequences for other members of the family outside of the marriage. That is one reason why working with an experienced marital agreements lawyer is a good idea at every stage of the process.

Consulting with a Cary Marital Agreements Attorney

If you are interested in learning more about the various roles a marital agreement can play in meeting your needs, contact our firm’s dedicated Cary marital agreements lawyers to find out more about how we can work with you to address your marital agreement needs and concerns. Call Triangle Divorce Lawyers today to set up an initial case review.