Cary Postnuptial Agreements Lawyer

Most people do not take the decision to enter into marriage lightly. They consider the various aspects that could change as a result of marriage, one of which is their financial status and well-being. There is often a great deal more to consider, including real property and other concerns that can have a significant impact on both the individual and the couple. If you are interested in seeing how a postnuptial agreement could benefit your marriage, consult with a Cary postnuptial agreements lawyer today.

While circumstances at the time of marriage may result in a couple choosing to forego a prenuptial agreement, these could change at any time. When they do, a knowledgeable marital agreements lawyer could play an important role in helping couples explore their options when it comes to postnuptial agreements. There are many reasons couples may consider postnuptial agreements. No matter the reason, an experienced family attorney at Triangle Divorce could help.

Postnuptial Agreement Basics

A postnuptial agreement is a marital agreement that may help couples specify how important assets such as financial resources, property, and even debt could be distributed if divorce becomes a reality. Postnuptial agreements are similar to prenuptial agreements except they occur after marriage.

Essentially, these marital agreements are contracts that are subject to the same rules of law as any other contract. As specified in North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 52-10, these requirements may include:

  • Postnuptial agreements must be in writing and signed by each party
  • The provisions waiving the rights and obligations are clearly stated in the agreement
  • The agreement must be acknowledged by both parties before a certifying officer such as a notary public

There are many other factors that must be considered when determining the details of a postnuptial agreement, including important parts of the law that must be understood and appropriately applied. Working with an experienced Cary postnuptial agreements lawyer could help someone understand these considerations and how they might impact a marital agreement.

Common Reasons for Choosing an Agreement

Each marriage is unique. Likewise, each set of circumstances that leads couples to consider and decide to enter a postnuptial agreement is different. However, there are some common scenarios where a postnuptial agreement may be an appropriate solution.

Many couples choose a postnuptial agreement to provide the security and peace of mind that comes with a prenuptial agreement if they did not enter into such an agreement before marriage. This is especially true when there is a drastic change in financial circumstances during a marriage, such as when one or both spouses receive a large inheritance. Inheritances are often a reason for exploring the benefits of a postnuptial agreement and some inheritances may even depend on such an agreement.

Postnuptial agreements may also offer couples contemplating separation or divorce a chance to iron out important details about such settlements without the court making determinations for them. This could save time and money during the legal process involved in legal separations and divorces, and it may allow couples to retain additional control over their future.

In today’s day and age, issues like substance abuse or gambling addictions are commonplace. Marital misconduct is often also a concern, such as reconciling after an affair is discovered. Postnuptial agreements could help address these issues by encouraging a spouse to seek help for issues they might be facing in a marriage by specifying the terms and conditions that must be met and providing a detailed approach to how to handle the assets if those expectations are not met.

How a Postnuptial Agreements Attorney in Cary Could Help

No matter the reason for considering a postnuptial agreement, entering into one can have long-term effects on everyone involved in the marriage. It is important to take a thorough and dynamic approach to explore the potential benefits of these types of agreements. Schedule a consultation with an experienced Cary postnuptial agreements lawyer and begin building a beneficial marital agreement.