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Child Custody and Visitation

What Custody Arrangement Is In The Best Interests Of Your Kids?

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When parents separate and have minor children, issues regarding where and with whom their child will reside often arise. Our lawyers understand that your child is your most precious asset. You, your child and the other parent will benefit the most if both parents can come to an amicable parenting plan without the expense and stress of going to court.

At Triangle Divorce Lawyers, we work with individuals in Raleigh and surrounding areas of North Carolina who have child custody and visitation issues, including determining whether separate or joint custody is best and how to share time with and parent your children with your ex-spouse.

We start by listening to you.

You are the best person to know what is in your child's best interest. We can never predict what a judge will decide, but our lawyers can educate you about the court process and answer questions about how the court determines what is in the best interests of a child. We'll be honest and upfront with you. We will talk with you about both the positive and negative facts of your case, so you can make an informed decision about going to court.

Factors that the Court Considers

  • Who has been the primary caretaker?
  • Who has been involved in the children's school?
  • Who wakes the children up in the morning?
  • Who gets the kids ready for school?
  • Who takes the kids to the doctor?
  • Who signs the children up for activities?
  • Who takes the children to activities?
  • Who fixes the meals?

If you have questions about creating a parenting plan or need counsel to create a custody agreement, we can help. Create a strategic game plan about the most effective way to move forward. Learn more by scheduling a comprehensive consultation with one of our attorneys.