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Jessica M. Garcia, MBA, CDFD, CDC

Director of Community Outreach

When Jessica M. Garcia isn’t busy unraveling the financial complexities of separation and divorce with her clients, you’ll catch her living her best life. She’s a pro at perfecting the art of quality time with loved ones, whether it’s making a splash in a swimming pool or being surrounded by her posse of furry friends. And if you ever need to find her, just hit the highway between Cary and Charlotte, because she’s always on the move, chasing dreams or maybe just chasing down the best new restaurant. It’s a whirlwind adventure with Jessica, where financial expertise meets a knack for making the most out of every moment.

An MBA professional in the realm of financial services, Jessica brings a wealth of expertise in consumer credit, marketing, process improvement, relationship management, and wealth management. Her drive to make a positive impact fuel her genuine desire to serve others. With exceptional partnership skills, she excels in navigating complex matrix environments, always mindful of the human element in every interaction. Throughout her journey, she has cultivated strong relationships with both internal and external clients and partners.

Over the last 8 years, Jessica has embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that has allowed her to make a difference on a more personal level. By leveraging her skills, aspirations, and education, she empowers clients going through separation and divorce with financial literacy. She brings a compassionate and empathetic approach to her work, grounded in a deep understanding of the human aspect of financial services. With a genuine desire to help others, Jessica is committed to delivering exceptional value and making a meaningful difference for her clients… so they can live their best life too.

Now, as the Director of Community Outreach at Triangle Divorce Lawyers, Jessica plays a vital role in connecting with the community, leading events, and understanding the needs of individuals and families dealing with divorce, child custody, and adoption. Her natural ability to network and build relationships allows her to expand the firm’s reach and better serve clients who require guidance and support during these challenging times. Jessica’s passion for her work is evident in her unwavering dedication to improving the lives of those affected by family law matters.

When Jessica isn’t busy advocating for clients or engaging with the community, you might find her engaging in swimming laps, exploring new restaurants, or spending quality time with her posse of furry friends + family. Her zest for life and commitment to making a positive impact shine through in everything she does.

Jessica holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte and a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies and Business from Queens College (now Queens University of Charlotte). She is also CDFA®️ Certified Divorce Financial Analyst as well as a CDC®️ Certified Divorce Coach.

T: 704.321.4494 C: 919.703.3036


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