“Gotham” star ordered to pay child and spousal support

On behalf of Triangle Divorce Lawyers posted in Alimony on Thursday, December 3, 2015.

North Carolina residents who are fans of the television series “Gotham” may have heard about the ongoing child custody dispute between actress Morena Baccarin and her estranged husband Austin Chick. The parents have a 2-year-old son together, and they have shared legal custody of the boy since separating. After co-parenting in New York, Chick decided to move to Los Angeles, and a fight over physical custody ensued.

In a recent development in their divorce case, Baccarin was ordered to pay Chick both child support and spousal support. Baccarin will have to pay $2,693 per month in child support and $20,349 in spousal support. The monthly spousal support order is indefinite, but it will terminate if Chick gets remarried.

Three months after Chick filed for divorce from Baccarin, news came out that Baccarin was romantically involved with her co-star on ‘Gotham,” Ben McKenzie. It was also revealed that Baccarin was pregnant with McKenzie’s child. According to court documents, Chick decided to move from New York to Los Angeles after he learned that Baccarin had a boyfriend.

When two married parents decide to separate, it is often necessary to ask a judge to make temporary orders for child custody and spousal support. Although a temporary order may be changed later on, it can set the precedent for the permanent court order. An attorney may be able to help a parent who is separating from their spouse to petition for temporary orders for child custody and spousal support.