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If you are considering divorce or dealing with a legal problem involving your family, we understand the stress and uncertainty you are facing. It may be hard to envision a future life in which you will be happy, involved in healthy relationships and ready to move forward with calm and hope. Sound legal counsel from a friendly, caring attorney can make all the difference.

Absolute divorce is the legal termination of your marriage. This is a court-ordered judgment granted by the courts and does not include issues of property division, child custody, child support, or alimony. It simply dissolves your marriage and you and your spouse are now “single”. The divorce judgment does NOT resolve issues like child custody, child or spousal support or property divisions.

Absolute divorce cannot be filed with the court in North Carolina until you have been physically separated and living apart for one year and one day. North Carolina is a “no-fault divorce” state, meaning that no one has to allege any fault, you and your spouse must just be living in two separate households with one person having the intent to remain permanently separate and apart. You do not need a separation agreement or any other document to be “separated” and start the clock ticking for the one-year-and-a-day rule