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4 Reasons For A Prenup

Contract with two hands

A prenup is a contract that kind of resembles a separation agreement. It has a preamble of “Whereas” this and that.  It talks about property like the house, bank accounts, retirement, alimony, and some child provisions. What it does?  

A prenup, in advance, lays out what is yours and what is your spouse’s property, income, and support obligations. It makes the property in your name stay yours. It also allows you to transact and transfer your property without the approval of your spouse.

Who may want to look into a prenup?

  1. Business owners
  2. People holding professional degrees
  3. People with children from a prior marriage or relationship
  4. Those getting married later in life
  5. Someone with substantial property or income
  6. Someone reconciling with a spouse who has a substance abuse, repeated affairs, domestic violence or mental illness
  7. Someone reconciling again and again
  8. Add your reason here… How much are they?  Prenups drafted at our office are less than $3,000 depending on the complexity of the document.

What are the top four reasons to have a prenuptial agreement?

  1. Disclosing your assets to your betrothed
  2. Discussing finances with your fiancé opens the door to discuss how day to day ad major financial decisions will be handled.
  3. Frank discussions about your desire to save your assets for your children’s benefit
  4. Opening the door to also discuss what should happen in the event of your death. (We are not getting any younger!)

At Triangle Divorce Lawyers, we have the experience and legal knowledge to provide you with a prenuptial that will protect the assets you worked hard for, and help you preserve them for your children. Call us today to find out if a prenup is right for your situation.


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