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Raleigh, NC Marital Agreements Lawyer


Raleigh, NC Marital Agreements Lawyer

No two marriages are alike. Each person brings a unique set of characteristics into the dynamic of the relationship, and the needs of any given marriage are likely to change over time. As couples and families evolve, so do their goals and objectives. Sometimes, meeting these new goals and objectives requires legal assistance. When the needs of your marriage are legal in nature, a Raleigh marital agreements lawyer could help.

Marital agreements typically are contractual agreements between two parties. Typically, the agreement is between the two parties involved in the marriage, but there are situations where they can involve other parties. An experienced family attorney at Triangle Divorce could help you understand more about the many requirements of the specific type of agreement you may be exploring.

Common Factors for Contemplating a Marital Agreement

There are many reasons couples decide a marital agreement may be right for them. Some consider them to set out terms and conditions of a separation or a divorce as they relate to important factors such as property and division of finances. They may also address issues such as spousal support.

Marital agreements may come in several forms:

Prenuptial agreements are generally agreements entered into prior to marriage that may detail the terms of asset division in case of divorce, among other things. Often, postnuptial agreements accomplish the same goals but are entered after a marriage has occurred. When these types of agreements exist, they may be transitioned into or incorporated as part of a separation or divorce agreement. Parenting agreements are typically child custody agreements that control parental rights and custody schedules.

Understanding the Role of Raleigh Agreements

No matter the reason for exploring the role of a marital agreement in a relationship, it is important to have a thorough understanding of how such agreements may impact a couple now and in the future. There are a variety of complex legal issues that may apply in marital agreements.

For instance, marital agreements may impact a couple’s tax considerations. They could have an effect on what happens to a family business in case of divorce. They could also protect how much inheritance a person’s children may receive. Whatever the circumstances surrounding a marital agreement, taking an in-depth approach to understanding these issues and how they might impact a person’s livelihood is commonly part of the process a dedicated Raleigh marital agreements lawyer may take in helping someone meet their family’s unique needs.

Many marital agreements may have a significant impact on a person ’s current overall well-being and well into the future. It may take a toll on personal finances and in turn impact many aspects of the individual’s life for years to come. That is why it could be important to work with an accomplished Raleigh marital agreements attorney in exploring the various options available.

Reach Out to a Raleigh Marital Agreements Attorney

Any legal process can be intimidating, but you do not have to navigate this system alone. A thorough and understanding Raleigh marital agreements lawyer at our firm could work with you to help you understand your legal options and what may work for you.

Contact the attorneys at Triangle Divorce and they could help you plan for your future and protect what is important to you. Call to set up an initial case review to get started.

Difference Between Postnuptial and Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements

Individuals who are getting married and bringing significant personal assets or children into the marriage can benefit from prenuptial agreements. Prenups, also called antenuptial agreements, allow individuals to address important issues such as property division before the emotional and adversarial nature of divorce is an issue.

Postnuptial Agreements

Postnuptial agreements offer similar benefits to prenuptial agreements, but they are created after couples are married. Like prenuptial agreements, they can be used to establish property division or parenting plans in the event of divorce and as such should be addressed with the help of a Raleigh marital agreement attorney.

Benefits of Marital Agreements

Whether you are concerned about protecting an estate you built whole unmarried or want to ensure your children are provided for, there can be many benefits to crafting a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

By working with the experienced Raleigh marital agreement lawyers at Triangle Divorce Lawyers to draft and review agreements, you remain in control of what happens with your assets or your children. if you have to go to court to resolve asset division or child custody issues, you lose the ability to control every step of the process.

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Let a Raleigh Attorney Help

If you are looking for an attorney who can guide you through the ins and outs of the divorce process in North Carolina, and help you preserve your right to alimony and property distribution, then call for an informative case review and let a passionate attorney explain their approach.

An experienced Raleigh divorce attorney can help you to lead a quality life after divorce by seeing to it that you remain well protected during the process and avoid issues that may prove costly down the road.

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