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What Happens If My Ex Fails To Follow Existing Orders?

When child custody, child support and alimony orders are entered by a judge at the conclusion of a hearing or trial, they reflect the current living situation of each of the involved parties. However, as time passes and the individuals change, the arrangements may need to be changed as well.

If there has been a substantial change in your circumstances, you may be eligible for a modification to your support obligations or your custody arrangements. However, until your order is modified by the court, it’s important that you follow the terms of the existing order.

Our family law attorneys in Raleigh can help you through the process of changing or enforcing any family court order, including visitation and child support enforcement.

Raleigh Family Law Modifications Lawyer

Gaining the Help of a Raleigh Modifications Lawyer

Whether you need help modifying an existing arrangement or need help holding the other party accountable for failing to follow orders, Raleigh modifications attorney can help.