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Adoptions In Raleigh, NC


Adoptions In Raleigh, NC

Adoption is the personal and legal process of bringing a family together in a new, blended and better form. Adoptions are deeply special, complicated and somewhat tense occurrences that require legal knowledge and perseverance to manage the statutory requirements, deadlines and document completion necessary to make a child part of a family.

Adoptions are highly managed miracles that are fraught with stress and emotion. There is a great stake in the outcome by all involved in the process. From the beginning, the blessing and beauty of the union of a new child with new parents are shadowed with the complicated legal requirements involving at least constitutional rights and of course state laws.

Each and every adoption is different because each family and situation that brought that family together is different. As a legal team, we have to manage the situation and needs of the Court and State to make the best interest of the child a priority and legal reality.

In our adoptions, we refer to the family and the attorneys and staff as a legal team because the matter is so important it requires a team working together on all fronts to ensure the best possible legal outcome and to ensure a voice for someone who usually is small, fragile and needs a voice. Together, we are all that voice for that child, for that family, for that season.

Our experienced attorneys are able to help you with independent adoptions, step-parent adoptions, adult adoptions, and relative adoptions.

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