Dean McDermott behind on alimony payments to ex-wife

North Carolina residents may have heard about the marital problems of Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott. After the two actors were married in 2005, they allowed reality television cameras to film their lives. In 2013, McDermott admitted that he had cheated on Spelling, and he checked into a drug and alcohol rehab facility.

Now, McDermott is reportedly having legal problems involving the woman he was married to before Spelling. According to reports, McDermott owes about $45,000 in unpaid child support and alimony. One source told Radar Online that McDermott has not made a single monthly payment for the care of his 16-year-old son since February.

McDermott and Spelling may be having financial problems, as several reports have claimed that the couple is living paycheck to paycheck. The couple and their four children moved to a more modest home over the summer and reportedly raised cash by holding a garage sale. Following the Lifetime TV reality show ‘True Tori” in which McDermott was seen attempting to win back Spelling’s trust, McDermott has said that he will no longer be sorting out his personal issues on camera.

When an individual can no longer afford to make alimony or child support payments to an ex-spouse, one or both of the original court orders may need to be modified. An attorney may be able to petition the court for a modification of the alimony and child support orders. To have a payment order modified, the ex-spouse who is obligated to make the payments must in most cases show proof that there has been a significant change in financial circumstances.