Trick or Treat Tips for Divorced Parents

Pumpkin spice everything has arrived and that can only mean one thing…..Halloween is just around the corner. If you share custody of your children, holidays can be stressful especially if there is no Order or Agreement that divides the holiday or if your children are not scheduled to be with you this year. So, before Halloween arrives take some time to consider the best way to create great Halloween memories with your children.

  • Take the children Trick or Treating together.If there are lingering tensions between you and your Ex, this is definitely not the solution for you. Children quickly pick up on stress or tensions between their parents and it is important to allow your children to enjoy a stress-free Halloween. On the other hand, if you and your Ex have a calm and cordial relationship, Trick or Treating with you both may be a way to create memories your children will always cherish.
  • Divide the Trick or Treating route.Plan the Trick or Treating route ahead of time with one parent walking with the children for the first half and the other parent walking with the children for the second half. This arrangement allows the children to spend time with both parents and to avoid any tensions that may still exist between you and your Ex.
  • Take the children to a party or event.Many businesses, churches, and organizations offer Halloween activities and parties at times other than traditional Trick or Treating hours. If you cannot be with your children for Trick or Treating itself, take advantage of one of these events.
  • Plan a Halloween party.Plan a Halloween party for a time your children will be with you. With a few spooky decorations and Halloween themed snacks, you can create a Halloween your children will never forget.