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COVID-19 And Parenting Plans

In the turbulent world we now live in, many customs and plans must change.  We all have to adjust while social distancing, working from home, wearing extraordinary personal protection equipment and taking precautions for health and safety.  In the world of Family Law and Child Custody, COVID-19 and changes have brought up a plethora of issues including lack of day care, schooling from home, visitation, and exposure due to a parent’s occupation.  

Some of the most important considerations are stability and consistency in a child’s life.  The Court’s guiding philosophy is “What is in the best interest of the child” but who gets to make that decision?

If you run into a disagreement with a custody order agreement and/or a parenting plan, please consider the following guidelines.

  1. Always comply with the Custody Order or Parenting Plan.  Failing to do so can put you in contempt.  COVID-19 is not a viable reason to deny visitation. 
  2. If you have any questions, consult an attorney.  Don’t rely on your instinct or friend’s and family’s advice.  The consequences are too dire.
  3. Judicial Orders or Supplemental Governor’s Orders take precedence over agreements. 
  4. While in your care, parents are to make decisions for the child in their custody including complying with all Federal, State and County health rules.
  5. Try to work on a plan to fit the situation.  Try to be flexible and pull together for the sake of consistency with your child.  Their world is already interrupted enough with all of the changes.

We at Triangle Divorce Lawyers, highly recommend seeing one of our attorneys for interpretation or changes in orders.  


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