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Ending ongoing spousal support

When a couple in North Carolina divorces, one of the parties may be ordered to pay the other alimony. There are usually situations that signal an end to alimony payments like when the recipient remarries, but payments can continue for a long time in some cases. The actor David Hasselhoff has paid alimony to his ex-wife Pamela Bach since their 2006 divorce, and he pays $21,000 per month.

The “Baywatch” actor and recent reality star is asking a judge for permission to stop paying alimony as he wants to retire soon and reportedly had to spend some of his retirement savings to keep making payments. His gross income is $112,000, and the 63-year-old man also uses a portion of that income to take care of the couple’s two daughters as he has physical custody. He has also been dating 34-year-old Hayley Roberts for five years.

Hasselhoff and Bach were married for 17 years, and 52-year-old Bach has appeared on “Celebrity Big Brother” after the couple’s split. However, Hasselhoff claims that his former spouse is talented and could work as an actress or a producer. He alleges that she could become self-supporting if she tried to find work.

Alimony typically goes to the party who made less money or contributed to the marriage in some other fashion, and it is intended to help them keep the same standard of living. Alimony and child support are different, so one could receive both or only one depending on the situation. If the alimony recipient has become employed and no longer needs additional funds, a family law attorney could be of assistance in petitioning the court for a modification or termination of the order.


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