Raleigh Process of Child Support Payment

The process of determining child support payment takes approximately four months if a person is in child support court. However, it could take longer if the proper documentation is not presented right away. Having the correct documents present could make the Raleigh process of child support payment much easier. For more information, or for help with this process, get in touch with a professional child support attorney today.

Initial Child Support Meetings

At the initial child support meetings, an attorney may want to collect any evidence or records that a person may have in preparation for the Raleigh process of child support payment. This includes their income and the other person’s income. They use information from their experience, background, and training to calculate what the child support should look like and what the non-custodial parent should be paying.

Informing People of a Child Support Determination Process

Circumstances in which a person should be prepared to inform certain people or entities that they are in the legal process of determining child support payments include once they know that there is a child support action that is either going to be filed or is filed. They need to start collecting information, but they do not need to tell their friends and their family. They need to gather records and that may require them to tell a bank or a brokerage company. They may also have to tell their employer right away because the employer may receive a request for documents.

Decreasing Support Payable by the Estate of a Deceased Spouse

The court does not have the ability to decrease support payable by the estate of a deceases spouse. Once the parent is deceased, they do not have the responsibility to pay child support anymore. The estate may have to pay arrears if that the parent has not been paying while they were living, but ongoing child support ends.

This could also factor into payment because if someone passes away and has arrears for owing child support the person who receives child support could make a claim against the estate to get reimbursed for the money that they are owed.

Things to Avoid in the Proceedings for Child Support Payments in Court

A person should avoid making the child suffer because the parents do not get along or have a lot of ill-will for each other. The most important thing is to pay the amount of child support that a person owes. If a person does not agree with the custody arrangement at the time, they still need to pay an adequate amount of child support until they get the custody agreement that they want.

Importance of Working with a Raleigh Child Support Attorney

An attorney could help a family going through the difficult Raleigh process of child support payment by helping the parents understand what child support is for. An attorney could walk you through the process every step of the way to make sure that you are not confused by anything. With the help of an attorney, this process can be dealt with easily.