Temporary Child Support Guidelines in Raleigh

As defined by Raleigh law, temporary means an abbreviated court hearing or a short-term solution for child support so that some child support is being paid or received before the judge has a long time in court to analyze all of the evidence. It is a quick court hearing date to get something in place so that the child support obligations are met. The role of a temporary in the process of determining child support agreements is to ensure that the child is not left destitute while the parties are trying to work out what is a fair and reasonable child support amount.

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Why are Guidelines Necessary in a Raleigh Child Support Case?

The point of having temporary child support guidelines in Raleigh is that it sets a baseline for what a person in a similar situated somewhere else would pay. It gives a reasonable amount based on the standard of living of both parties and their income. Without it, child support would vary and would be hard to determine what would be fair in one court versus if a person went somewhere else. They may not end up with the same result.

Formula for Determining a Presumptive Amount of Child Maintenance

The statewide formula for determining a presumptive amount of child support is a worksheet that has been predetermined by the conference district court judges. Every two years they review the guidelines and that is what they use to determine child support and temporary child support.

Does Spousal Support Impact Child Support Payments in Raleigh?

Spousal support does not play a role in determining child support payments in Raleigh. It is not included in the gross income, only their income, outside sources, or self-employed income. Child support has a presumptive amount and spousal support does not use any presumption in North Carolina. People all around the state with like incomes and expenses would have the same kind of child support obligations.

Prolonging Child Support Guidelines

Circumstances in which temporary child support guidelines in Raliegh are prolonged to make it permanent include if a person gets a temporary child support agreement or temporary child support order in a reasonable time as deemed by the court. A reasonable time is making a motion or setting a permanent court date within a year.

Importance of Hiring a Raleigh Child Support Attorney

It is imperative to hire an attorney when dealing with temporary child support guidelines in Raleigh in order to make effective use out of the short court hearing. An attorney can help with presenting evidence to the judge ensuring that the child support obligations are met. By leaving this responsibility up to an attorney, you give yourself a good opportunity to have a fair court hearing.