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Jack Barrett

Associate Attorney

Jack grew up in Raleigh NC, moved to San Diego after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill to help out his sister. Jack did all his “adulting” in San Diego where he worked in Chemistry labs for many years. After completing most of a Master’s in Public Health he switched gears deciding law was the path he wanted to take. Leaving the master program behind, he graduated from USD Law school while working a full time job and starting a family.

Having a background in science, he started down the road to do patent/IP law getting his patent bar certificate and his California bar license. He did not feel satisfied working with esoteric patents and wanted to help people with real world problems. Looking for other opportunities to help people, he volunteered to do pro bono case and entered into the land of family law and has not looked back. He has come full circle back to his roots in Raleigh, becoming licensed in NC (having to take the bar exam again!).

He enjoys the outdoors and all things soccer (football) including still playing pick-up soccer. He enjoys hanging watching New TV dramas with his wife like Ozarks, Yellowstone, and the like. He has a son who plays the bagpipes and a teen age daughter who plays soccer. His real name is John and ask him sometime on his unique theory why Jack is a nickname for John.

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