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Kelly Lynch

Senior Paralegal

Kelly Lynch is a versatile professional with a diverse background spanning various fields. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Planetary Science and Physics, along with a minor in Finance. Additionally, she pursued her passion for law by obtaining an AOS degree in Advanced Paralegal Studies.

With a rich tapestry of experiences, Kelly has accumulated 15 years of expertise in Family Law, offering comprehensive support to clients navigating complex legal matters. Prior to her legal endeavors, Kelly excelled in Corporate and Senior Level Management roles, demonstrating proficiency in finance and strategic decision-making. Her leadership skills were honed through retail management experiences, where she showcased her ability to drive operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Currently, Kelly serves as a Senior Family Law Paralegal, leveraging her extensive knowledge and skills to provide invaluable assistance to attorneys and clients alike. Outside of her professional pursuits, Kelly finds joy in various hobbies including running, hiking, reading, chess, and indulging in her love for movies. She is an active member of her local running club and volunteers her time at a cat shelter, reflecting her commitment to both physical fitness and animal welfare.

In her personal life, Kelly resides with her husband, beloved dog, and three cherished cats. In addition to her academic achievements, Kelly holds certifications as a Notary Public and Project Manager, further enhancing her professional credentials and versatility in various roles.

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