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Matthew Mayne


Matthew brings nearly 15 years of work in the legal field, mostly as a Deputy Clerk working in the courtroom. During his time as a Deputy Clerk, he enhanced accountability and streamlined the efficiency of his department by bringing a fresh outlook to existing processes, sharing an in-depth knowledge of existing software, introducing hardware, and his overall skillset, ingenuity, and resourcefulness built from growing up on farms and working in manufacturing and the food service industry.

Matthew’s adaptability and tenacity were instrumental as North Carolina introduced the Odyssey eCourt system. He worked alongside with members of the Administrative Office of the Courts, training those around him as he learned the new software, providing invaluable instruction and guidance.

In his time outside of work, Matthew is attending school to build upon his degree in business and paralegal certification by earning a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. Outside of work and school, Matthew enjoys a quiet life that includes attending car shows, hang gliding, zip lining, singing karaoke, and visiting several nieces and nephews.

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