Nichole Potterf

Client Intake Coordinator

Nichole, originally from Key West, Florida, has had the opportunity to reside in various states across the United States. In 2019, she made the move to Raleigh from Atlanta, Georgia, to be closer to her sister, who is also her best friend. From a young age, Nichole has harbored a deep desire to serve and assist others. This passion for helping and nurturing others began to flourish when she was just nine years old. Her mother’s relationship with a quadriplegic man, combined with her mother’s role as a caregiver for others, greatly influenced Nichole’s dedication to making a positive impact.

Beyond her professional life, Nichole finds joy in the company of her Pitbull companion Jaxson. Alongside her love for nature, she has developed a green thumb and takes pride in her mini jungle. Finding solace outdoors, competing in pool tournaments, and in yoga studios, Nichole decided to pursue her dream of becoming a certified yoga instructor during the peak of the Covid pandemic. She appreciates spending time outdoors, engaging in activities such as painting, cooking, and indulging in massage and yoga.

Driven by her passion to assist others, Nichole has always aspired to have a meaningful career in the field. The opportunity to work in family law presented itself at the perfect moment in her life. Based on her personal experiences, Nichole feels a deep connection to this field and is eager to further develop and make a difference.

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