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Robin E. Strickland

Senior Attorney & Parenting Coordinator

Robin E. Strickland is a passionate legal professional committed to making a positive impact in and out of the courtroom. Robin’s legal journey began at Campbell University, where she earned her law degree, laying the foundation for a career fueled by justice and compassion. Beyond the courtroom, Robin proudly serves as a volunteer through The Child’s Advocate, representing the voices of children in custody court. It’s a role she holds close to her heart, advocating for the well-being and best interests of the youngest members of the community.

In the professional realm, Robin brings her expertise to Triangle Divorce Lawyers, where she plays a crucial role in navigating the complexities of family law. As a Parent Coordinator, she strives to facilitate positive outcomes in challenging situations, always with the well-being of families at the forefront. A testament to her commitment to education, Robin has had the honor of teaching continuing legal education classes to fellow attorneys, paralegals, clerks, and judges. This includes contributions to the NC Administrative Office of the Courts, North Carolina Indigent Defense Services, Half Moon Seminars, and NBI.

Away from the legal arena, Robin’s life is enriched by the presence of four canine companions who bring joy, love, and a touch of chaos to each day. In her downtime, Robin is often found immersed in the vibrant culture of Mexico, a place that holds a special spot in her heart. Exploring new landscapes and embracing diverse perspectives is a constant source of inspiration. As a proud attendee of NC State football games, Robin is no stranger to the excitement of tailgating and cheering for the team. The camaraderie of fellow fans and the energy of the game contribute to the vibrant community spirit she holds dear.

Language is a bridge, and Robin is proud to speak both French and Spanish, allowing her to connect with a broader range of individuals and communities.



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