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What Does Life Look Like After Divorce?

After a long-term marriage, divorce can often seem like the end of a life you once knew. You began your marriage planning for forever, but what you thought was permanent turned out to be temporary. While this can seem like the end, it can also be viewed as a new beginning.

Marriages end for many reasons; everyone is different. If you were unhappy at the end of your marriage, your divorce provides the opportunity for you to find happiness elsewhere. If your marriage was toxic, divorce is your chance to be free from a relationship that was holding you back. Maybe your relationship just fizzled out. In that case, divorce opens the door for you to find love again.

Still, the process of emotional recovery is not quick. It will be trying and may seem impossible. In the process of trying to overcome your divorce, there are ways that you can cope with your changing life.

Rely on Your Friends

When you’re married, it’s common for the bulk of your time to be spent catering to the needs of your home and family. For many people, this can mean having to put relationships with friends on the back burner. Now that you have more time to spend on yourself, you can focus more energy on your friendships and the activities you used to do with them that brought you happiness. While there’s a chance your friends may be married, you might also have a group of single or divorced friends who have been in your shoes before. This can be an excellent support system, and the perfect way to take your mind off of your divorce.

Focus on the Family

In the situation where you and your ex-spouse share children, it is likely that this experience has affected them, too. If there was a custody battle involved, your child’s life is about to change drastically, just as yours will. During this time it will be imperative to continue being a good parent. You will have more time and energies to focus on them, and you can grow and adjust with your child during the process.

Talk about It

Divorce is tough, and it isn’t an experience you want to drag out forever. Keeping your feelings bottled up isn’t healthy in the long run, so find an outlet for those thoughts and emotions. If you have friends and family willing to listen, you can always count on these people. Should you prefer to talk to a professional or others who can relate, therapy is a common solution.

There is also the option to seek counsel in the form of your peers who are also experiencing similar issues. A group such as Second Saturday can be an excellent option to connect with professionals and other individuals in your area who are also experiencing divorce. If you are interested, visit our website for more information and workshop dates.


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