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Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

No one likes to think about death – especially their own. However, good planning and preparation during life means one must address how one’s assets are distributed when they are no longer among the living. It’s not morbid, it’s responsible.

That is what having a Will is all about! A Will speaks at the time of death! A Will speaks for the person making the will because their voice is now silenced. Moreover, the words in the Will address and specify how the deceased wants all their property bequeathed or given out to whomever they chose. 

Wills allow a person to properly plan for the distribution of their assets as well as allows the person to make certain provision for heirs and offspring.  Moreover, a Will should be drafted early in one’s life or at least when one begins to have children, bearing in mind a Will can and often needs to be changed as events of life necessitate change of the terms. In other words, a Will typically is an evolving document. 

Wills can be simple or as complicated as necessary to address the needs of the estate. They are case specific documents designed in accordance with the needs of the person making the Will.

Triangle Divorce Lawyers is pleased to have an Estate Division of well-trained attorneys and staff who are happy to assist anyone with questions regarding setting up their estate and drafting a will.  


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