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3 Common Child Custody Questions

Child custody is one of the two biggest stressors during divorce. (Money is the other one.) That’s why it’s often the source of most questions asked during our Raleigh divorce workshop each month. While of every situation is different, we rounded up three questions from our recent workshops to answer here. Please note: You must speak to an attorney about your specific situation. This is not intended to be legal advice.

Q: Is a nanny expected to be shared?

A: You and your spouse can work out nearly any type of arrangement with child custody that you choose, if you create a parenting agreement together instead of relying on the courts to decide. If you or your partner decide a nanny is right for your child care needs, it might make sense to share that nanny. After all, he or she is familiar with the children and can learn their routines. How you divide the costs of the nanny is also dependent on your separation agreement. You may take on the cost of the nanny while your spouse pays for other child care expenses. 

Q: What if I travel extensively for work?

A: The partner with a demanding job may feel concerned that he or she will not have the right to ask for custody or partial custody. They are your children, too. If you and your partner can work out a parenting agreement without court involvement, how much you travel won’t be as much of an issue. You and your partner can instead work around that. However, if your child custody situation becomes a battle between you and your spouse, your frequent absence may be highlighted in court.

Q: Can my spouse keep me in Raleigh?

A: If the court decided your child custody, this is a legal issue and you must check with your attorney about what you are allowed to do. If you and your partner have a parenting agreement in place, it may contain information about whether one partner may move with the children or not. It also depends on whether you are the custodial parent. You are also welcome to join one of our workshops where a divorce attorney can answer your questions. 

The Second Saturday Wake County divorce workshop occurs on the second Saturday of each month. You can register or walk in. A therapist, one of our family lawyers, and a financial advisor volunteer their team each month to go over the basics of divorce and answer your questions.


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