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Adoptions In North Carolina

“Adoption means the creation by law of the relationship of parent and child between two individuals” – N.C. G. S § 48-1-101(2).

North Carolina law succinctly defines adoption in its statutes as stated above. However, the act of adoption is so much more. Yes, it is a creation of the law with bureaucratic requirements and filings. It is an operation of review with home inspections and analyzing agencies. It is an evaluation of documentation with supplemental requests and ultimate judgments. And finally, it is a glorious Decree of Adoption!

Adoption is one of the finest and truest operations of the law. It is the embodiment of people loving one another despite familial relationship and bonds.  It is first and foremost, an affair of the heart. Adoption is like a fire. It begins with a flickering spark of desire deep in the heart that seeks the unique relationship of parentage. It flames into reality with hope of fulfilment in the identification of the adoptee. Finally, it fulfills in the warm blaze of a family when the adoption is granted.

Moreover, the family that adoption creates can take on any structure and appearance. It is not limited by genes or national borders. It is not limited by age or gender. It is a wide-open operation of tremendous affinity between two strangers who ultimately become a parent and a child.  It is limitless in its possibilities.

With those parameters, the actual adoption does take some time and work to accomplish. There are deadlines and documents to fulfill and create. That is where we come in. We, at Triangle Divorce Lawyers love adoptions! We are happy to help you with your adoptions needs. It is what we do, and we think, one of the best things we do! After all, adoptions are about families and family needs of which we are big supporters. 


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