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Paying Your Child’s College Tuition After Divorce

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As a divorced parent with children seeking a higher education, you may have concerns regarding who will be funding and how to save for your child’s tuition. In North Carolina, child support guidelines do not take into consideration college and university expenses. This is because child support accountability ends as soon as the child turns … Read more

What Stay-At-Home Moms Can Expect During Divorce

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Women who elect to stay at home to raise children face unique challenges during divorce. But that’s not to say they face a hopeless situation.  A lot depends on what the partner is earning, along with the household debts and expenses. If a lawyer tells you what you should expect without a thorough financial analysis … Read more

Supporting Your Teenager During Separation and Divorce


The stress of divorce strikes everyone at one time or another during the process, but teenagers can compound the emotional upheaval at home.  As one therapist puts it, teenagers are in the middle of figuring out their identities as humans, and divorce throws a wrench into the process. Although teens may appear mature in some cases, … Read more

Tips For Letting Go

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There is nothing easy about letting go, especially when you are downsizing, handling the estate of a loved one or dividing a household in divorce. People have a tendency to keep too much because they find comfort in the “things” and the memories that go with them. In a divorce, many of the items in … Read more

Conquering the Bar Exam During the Pandemic

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For third year law students, the month of May is an exciting time of the year where a law student graduates and celebrates their hard work after surviving three long years of studies.  The celebration however, is usually only brief due to the approaching preparation period necessary for the July bar examination to become a … Read more

Adoptions In North Carolina

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“Adoption means the creation by law of the relationship of parent and child between two individuals” – N.C. G. S § 48-1-101(2). North Carolina law succinctly defines adoption in its statutes as stated above. However, the act of adoption is so much more. Yes, it is a creation of the law with bureaucratic requirements and … Read more

Five Steps To Use Apple’s New Parental Controls Effectively

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If you’re like we are, you’ve experienced the drama that comes along with taking the iPad away from the kids after the set amount of viewing time you’ve allowed. There’s always complaining, and it’s no fun for either side of the battle. Especially with some of the research coming out about the effects of screen … Read more

Can I Really Afford The House On My Own?

Often times, people want to simplify this question with “Yes, I can afford the mortgage.” There is so much more to look at than just the mortgage payment. There are also things to consider such as: Refinance Cost If you decide to keep the house after a divorce, you will most likely need to refinance … Read more

Modern Prenups and Milliennials

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Most people think of a prenuptial agreement as a legal document for younger people with a valuable family trust fund to protect or some older person thinking about going into their second or third marriage. The need for a prenuptial agreement was also understandably less common in years past because people a generation or two … Read more

Mary Gurganus Featured in IndyWeek’s Wedding Issue

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Not all marriages are built to last. But how do you know when to call it quits? After all, every relationship comes with its own set of growing pains and challenges; it’s discerning the insurmountable ones that can sometimes require the eyes of a pro. Lucky for us, Mary Gurganus, managing partner at Triangle Divorce … Read more

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