Actress and billionaire agree to settle custody dispute

North Carolina parents who are embroiled in a child custody dispute might take heart in the reality that these issues can affect anyone, including the rich and famous. Such is the case with movie actress Uma Thurman and her former fiancé Arpad Busson regarding their 3-year-old daughter. Ms. Thurman and the billionaire Frenchman had been battling over visitation rights and the amount of time he would get to spend with the child.

The couple began dating in 2004 and ended the relationship in 2007. They then began seeing one another again the next year and got engaged. They ended the relationship again in 2009, but Ms. Thurman had a baby with him in 2012. The on-again, off again nature of the romance has continued as recently as March of 2015 when they were seen together on vacation.

Ms. Thurman already has two children with actor Ethan Hawke. Before her marriage to Mr. Hawke, she was married to actor Gary Oldman. Mr. Busson has a fortune that is estimated at approximately $1 billion. He has two sons from a prior relationship with model Elle Macpherson. Mr. Busson and Ms. Thurman had been in dispute regarding the child they share since 2014. They agreed to a co-parenting plan, and the judge presiding over the case appreciated the fact that they had each compromised.

Any situation involving child custody can be difficult, regardless of the stature of the parents. Those who are embroiled in one sometimes forget that the best interests of the child should be paramount. A parent who is in this type of a situation may find the guidance of a family law attorney to be helpful.

Source: Inquisitr, ‘Uma Thurman Settles Custody Battle With Billionaire French Financier,” Sept. 19, 2015