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Prenuptial agreement guides divorce of Google co-founder

A person in North Carolina contemplating a high-asset divorce could learn from the quiet and seemingly uncontroversial divorce made final between one Google co-founder and his wife. This high-profile couple had been married for eight years, and their prenuptial agreement likely spared them a public battle over marital assets. The co-founder is reportedly worth about … Read more

Financial considerations for divorce

People in North Carolina who are going through a divorce should avoid some common financial mistakes. One of the more significant ones is not knowing enough about the family finances or where assets are located. An individual who cannot get this information from a spouse may wish to go to a forensic accountant for assistance. … Read more

Actor Gary Oldman facing another divorce

North Carolina residents may have heard that actor Gary Oldman will be getting divorced for the fourth time. The actor married his current wife, a singer, in 2008. Mr. Oldman’s wife filed the petition in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Jan. 9, citing irreconcilable differences. Although the petition lists the date of separation as … Read more

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