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Tips for remaining financially secure after a divorce

North Carolina couples who are getting a divorce must be careful about ensuring their financial security. This can be a particular problem if one spouse is more knowledgeable about finances than the other or has a significantly higher income than the other. For example, while an individual might initially think that a 50/50 split of … Read more

Dealing with late-in-life divorces in North Carolina

Many older individuals are getting divorced. Studies show that between 1990 and 2014, the rate of newly divorced people age 50 or older has doubled. Gray divorces, as they are called, can be significantly different from divorces of people who are younger. Along with the fact that older individuals tend to worry less about issues … Read more

Property division and the Pitt-Jolie divorce

North Carolina residents who are following the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have likely heard that Jolie is asking for full physical custody of their children. Pitt may end up paying child support if she does get sole custody, but if he fights for joint custody and the children live with each of … Read more

Dividing retirement savings in a divorce

The National Center for Family & Marriage Research reports that twice as many adults over the age of 50 got divorced in 2014 compared to 1990, and the divorce rate for adults over 65 tripled. A survey also found that pensions and retirement accounts are among the most contested for this generation of divorcing spouses. … Read more

Figuring out the settlement agreement

A North Carolina divorce is seldom straightforward whether both parties want a simple resolution or not, as there are often several options for how to proceed. The problem is that each person might favor different ideas. In a hypothetical situation, a woman wants a divorce after a number of years of marriage. She has a … Read more

Claiming ex-spousal benefits on Social Security

North Carolina residents who are at or near the age of retirement may be aware of the way in which their marital status affects their possible Social Security payments. There are circumstances under which the benefits derived from the other spouse’s Social Security earnings history are greater than they would be for the spouse directly. … Read more

Financial planning important in divorce

North Carolina residents who are facing the end of their marriages should consider speaking to a financial adviser. This is a step many people put off until after the divorce, but at that point, they may have already made bad decisions that affect their future. When people have been less involved with the family finances, … Read more

Forensic accountants and high asset divorce

The use of forensic accountants in high asset divorces is on the rise in North Carolina and around the country. Part of the reason for this trend is that wealthy couples are divorcing at an increased rate. Forensic accountants can help a court divide assets by providing a clear picture of what is available to … Read more

Post-divorce retirement planning

Amid the stresses of a divorce, it is easy to put retirement planning on the back burner. However, divorce leaves spouses with altered financial circumstances that can affect retirement security. Whereas in marriage each spouse had the benefit of sharing household expenses and combining investment assets, divorce necessitates the maintenance of separate households with higher … Read more

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