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Co-Parenting: The Pros and Cons of Nesting Agreements

birds nesting

Nesting agreements between parents going through divorce are becoming more common. Also known as “birds nesting,” this arrangement is one approach for parents concerned about how their children will handle the myriad changes divorce brings to family life. Here are some pros and cons to consider to decide if this path is a good one … Read more

How To Co-Parent When You’re Not On Talking Terms


Divorce means separating from your partner, but if you have children, that person will always be part of your life. If you and your partner can barely speak to each other without anger, co-parenting is going to be difficult. And if your ex is unreasonable or bent on making your life miserable, it’s going to be even … Read more

6 Tips for the Long-Distance Parent After Divorce

parenting child videochat

Divorce brings a lot of change, including, of course, one spouse moving to a new home. For children, seeing their parents live separately is hard enough. But if one parent moves to a new city or state, that separation feels even worse. Just as you no doubt will miss your child if you moved, he or … Read more

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