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Choosing Your Divorce Lawyer in North Carolina: Key Factors To Consider

Choosing your divorce lawyer in North Carolina is one of the most crucial decisions in divorce proceedings. A family law attorney in NC will provide legal guidance, represent you in court, and offer professional support during one of the most challenging times in your life.

But where do you begin? The experienced legal team at Triangle Divorce Lawyers has prepared this guide to help you choose the right North Carolina divorce attorney.

Read Client Reviews

The internet makes reviewing a North Carolina marital dissolution lawyer’s reputation easy. Start by checking out their Google Business Profile and visiting online lawyer review sites.

While an occasional negative review is usually no cause for alarm, look for patterns in the comments. You may want to look elsewhere if several reviews mention that the attorney was hard to reach or they never seemed prepared. 

Look Into the Attorney’s Experience 

Many family law firms post information about their team’s background and experience. Take some time to find a divorce lawyer in North Carolina with extensive experience handling divorce cases. Because laws vary by location, you’ll want to find a divorce attorney intimately familiar with state family law. 

Also, look for someone who has experience specifically with issues similar to yours. For example, you may seek attorneys who focus on child custody, spousal support, domestic violence, collaborative divorces, or annulments.

Seek an Initial Consultation

Schedule some initial consultations once you’ve made a short list of candidates. Most family lawyers charge for consultations, but these meetings provide a great opportunity to gain clarity on the divorce process and learn more about the attorney. 

You will be working with your divorce lawyer for months or years. It’s important to have a good working relationship. You don’t have to be best friends, but you want to feel comfortable talking with them, ensure that they are professional and knowledgeable, and see that they communicate well before hiring them. 

Evaluate Their Qualities

No one is perfect, but your divorce lawyer in North Carolina should demonstrate the skills needed to represent you effectively. These typically include the following:

  • Responsiveness: You may be one of the firm’s many clients, but they should never make you feel that way. Your attorney (or their legal team) should keep you up to date and answer your questions promptly, 
  • Communication: Open, honest discourse between you and your lawyer is crucial. They should explain the law clearly, listen to your concerns and priorities, and help you decide how to proceed.
  • Preparation: All legal proceedings require solid research, careful preparation, and attention to detail. Effective attorneys will also know the facts of your case better than you. They should help you feel prepared for every hearing.
  • Creativity: Although preparation is key, so are flexibility and creativity. Successful divorce lawyers think on their feet and develop innovative solutions to the problems that invariably arise during divorce cases. 
  • Assertiveness: Your attorney is your advocate. You want someone who doesn’t seek out conflict but isn’t afraid of it, either. They should be competitive enough to want to come out ahead and assertive enough to achieve that goal.
  • Confidence: You don’t want an attorney who makes false assurances, but you want someone confident in their ability. Effective divorce lawyers don’t feel overwhelmed easily or fold under pressure.
  • Collaboration: While it sometimes feels that divorce cases are all about making demands, they require plenty of negotiation and compromise. Choose an attorney with strong negotiation skills who helps you and your ex-spouse resolve disputes out of court when possible.

Ask About Their Fees

When you’re working with a divorce lawyer in North Carolina, make sure they communicate their fee structure and what costs you are responsible for. Attorneys with more experience may charge more than junior lawyers and paralegals who work on your case.

Higher cost does not necessarily mean a better firm or more experience, but by the same token, you might also want to steer clear of the cheapest option. You need to be able to afford your lawyer while knowing they aren’t going to cut corners with your future.

The first step to choosing a divorce lawyer should be to schedule an initial consultation. This will allow you to compare attorney fees, their communication skills, and the level of client support they offer.

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