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Navigating Divorce as a Father: Guidance and Resources for a Smooth Transition

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Divorce is never easy, but it can be especially challenging for fathers. The team at Triangle Divorce Lawyers has helped numerous fathers navigate the complexities of divorce over the years, and we understand the unique emotional and legal hurdles you face. This blog aims to provide you with practical advice and valuable resources to support … Read more

Navigating Divorce as an Adult Child: Balancing Emotions and Protecting a Parent

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Divorce can be a tumultuous experience for families, and when it happens later in life, adult children often find themselves in an unexpected emotional maelstrom. One of the most challenging aspects can be the instinct to protect one parent over the other. Navigating these emotions while maintaining your own well-being is crucial. Here’s a guide … Read more

Navigating Divorce: Insights and Guidance

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Divorce is rarely easy. It’s a significant life event that brings about a whirlwind of emotions, from grief and anger to relief and hope for the future. As divorce attorneys, we understand that the legal process is just one aspect of divorce; the emotional journey is equally important. In this blog post, we’ll explore some … Read more

Navigating the Financial Landscape of Divorce: Strategies and Considerations

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Divorce is a multifaceted process that encompasses emotional, legal, and financial aspects. While the legal dimensions often take center stage, the financial implications of divorce are equally significant. In this blog post, we’ll explore the financial aspects of divorce, including key considerations, strategies for managing finances during and after divorce, and resources for seeking professional … Read more

How to File for Divorce in North Carolina

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For spouses in North Carolina considering getting a divorce, the process can seem rather daunting.  Between work, taking care of the kids, and other social and professional responsibilities, working to develop an understanding of the divorce laws in their state can inadvertently fall ever lower on their to-do list.  For this reason, many spouses choose … Read more

Helpful Financial Tips on How to Prepare for a Divorce

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During a divorce it can seem like your mind is scattered all over the place; you’ll make hundreds of critical decisions that impact how smoothly your divorce goes and your future beyond. These decisions affect not only you but your children and ex-spouse as well. The area of finances is one of the biggest hurdles … Read more

4 Tips to Help Your Teen with Your Divorce

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Helping a teen cope during your divorce is a unique challenge. Older children are more likely to be rebellious and keep their feelings hidden, and of course, they are going through their own things at this stage. Typically, the younger the child, the more likely they are to cry and show emotion. It can be … Read more

Helpful Financial Tips on How to Prepare for a Divorce

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During a divorce it can seem like your mind is scattered all over the place; you’ll make hundreds of critical decisions that impact how smoothly your divorce goes and your future beyond. These decisions affect not only you but your children and ex-spouse as well. The area of finances is one of the biggest hurdles … Read more

Dividing a Business During a Divorce

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Going through a divorce is stressful. You must set up new living arrangements, decide child custody, and divide assets and debt. If one or both partners own a business, that’s one more element to manage. Dividing a business can be confusing and tedious. After all, a house is easy to appraise and then sell. Presumably, … Read more

How to Get Divorced if Your Ex is Not Speaking to You

Sometimes getting divorced is a mutual decision between you and your spouse, and the process runs (somewhat) smoothly. In many cases, the decision to divorce is one-sided. In those situations, the partner who is unwilling will eventually go along with the process — even if he or she refuses to speak to you or respond … Read more

How to Get Through the Painful Process of Divorce

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Divorce can come quickly and out of nowhere, especially if it’s unwanted in your mind. You have to deal with many changes, emotionally and physically. It can feel overwhelming and as though you don’t know where to turn. Take a deep breath, and try to think as clearly as possible. Here are some tips to … Read more

3 Ways to Manage as a Single-Income Family after Divorce

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A divorce means adjusting to a single income, even if that income includes child support or spousal support.  We’ve talked recently about budgeting in advance, so you know what to expect, but if you’re struggling to figure out life on a lower income, here are some ways to manage.   Downsize to reduce spending. People often think … Read more

Warning: Think Now about Your Financial Life after Divorce

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One of the biggest mistakes some women make in divorce is keeping the house. But part of the reason they do that is they make the other big mistake: not thinking about their financial life after divorce.  We’re not picking on women. Studies show women are more often the initiator of divorce. Meanwhile, they still earn less … Read more

Divorce FAQ: Should I Get the House Appraised?

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Should I get the house appraised? It’s a frequent question in our monthly divorce workshops. During a divorce, you and your spouse will divide most of your assets. While many personal items may be easy to label “yours” and “mine” (e.g., an inherited antique vanity, a prized collection), some belongings will be much more difficult … Read more

Beginning Again After Divorce Later in Life

Raleigh grandparent visitation rights lawyer

When your life has been a certain way for many years, adjusting to a new routine can be difficult. After a divorce, life will inevitably change as you shift from a shared life to a life of your own. Life after divorce will not be easy, but it is possible to begin again no matter your age.  … Read more

Do I Need a Separation Agreement to Get Divorced in NC?


Many couples choose to live separately for a “trial period” before choosing divorce. If you find yourself in a similar position, you may want to consider a legal separation. A separation agreement is a legally binding agreement between spouses which lays out the terms of separation, similar to that of divorce documents. It resolves issues … Read more

Age Doesn’t Negate Alimony in Gray Divorce

Raleigh grandparent visitation rights lawyer

Getting divorced after years of marriage is no longer unheard of. “Gray Divorce,” or divorce between couples over the age of 50, became increasingly common between 1990 and 2010.  One of our divorce workshop attendees recently asked about alimony and other financial considerations when getting a divorce after retirement age. “He has more saved for retirement … Read more

How to Get Divorced Emotionally

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Separation is emotionally draining for all parties, but it can be even harder for those who didn’t see it coming. If a divorce was your spouse’s idea, you might have difficulty separating emotionally from him or her, especially if your relationship was fairly long. When so many aspects of your life are shared with another person, … Read more

What “stigmas” will I face as a divorcee?

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There will always be people who disagree with divorce. They could be your parents, friends, coworkers, or even strangers. These people have reasons why they are anti-separation, but regardless of their beliefs, divorces are just part of reality. Whether it’s because of an abusive relationship, a loss of trust, or even general unhappiness, divorces will … Read more

Divorce Question: What are My Rights if My Spouse Leaves after Decades of Marriage?

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Divorce is a stressful experience no matter the duration of your marriage. Usually, a more extended marriage means more time for a couple to accumulate marital assets. Your children, home(s), finances, are just a few of the factors that may be impacted throughout this legal battle.  We’ve talked before about the effect your “grounds” for divorce has … Read more

Insights for Dealing with a Narcissist During Divorce

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During a divorce, the feelings we once had for our partner twist and often turn into something ugly. We may think or call them bad names. Some partners probably deserve this treatment, though of course, others do not. One label often tossed out during divorce is a narcissist, and if your partner has this mental condition, … Read more

What Will Happen if My Spouse Stops Paying the Mortgage?

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Mortgage and credit questions abound when you’re going through a divorce. Splitting from your spouse legally and financially requires several steps, especially if you own a house. Many couples choose to sell the house; often one partner cannot carry the burden of mortgage payments on his or her own. Selling also makes it easier to split … Read more

Married in a Different Country: How Do I Divorce in the U.S.?

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Whether you and your partner married overseas in a destination wedding or unexpectedly eloped while traveling, the rules of divorce aren’t too different for those who get married in another country. Marriage is a state issue, not a federal, so the laws governing divorce vary by where you live within the U.S. Still, states will allow you … Read more

Is There a Best Time to Consult a Divorce Attorney?

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Most people know that if you’re thinking about divorce, a lawyer is one of your first calls. But some of our participants have asked, “When is the best time to consult an attorney?” In North Carolina, you must be legally separated for one full year before a divorce can go through. One of our divorce … Read more

Who Pays for the Divorce?

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The cost of divorce is something a lot of people worry about. You already know the costs will mount as you look for a new place to live and begin paying separate bills. How will you get the money to pay the divorce attorney’s fees? Also, there are other professionals to consider such as financial … Read more

How to Keep the Kids Out of Your Divorce

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Kids are often the biggest concern people list when discussing divorce. How will they be affected? What can we do to make it easier? There’s a good reason to be concerned: children caught in the middle of their parents’ divorce fare far worse, with more emotional problems, lower grades, and behavior struggles. When your kids … Read more

How to Tell Someone You Want a Divorce

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You’ve been thinking about divorce for months. You’ve attended our divorce workshop in Raleigh. You’ve spoken to a divorce attorney, a financial advisor, maybe a therapist. After a lot of soul searching, you decide yes, divorce is the right path. Now, it’s time to separate from your partner. How do you tell him or her? … Read more

A Case for Child Support When Parents Have 50/50 Custody

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Child custody and child support prompt plenty of questions. Decisions surrounding the children are one of the most important parts of divorce and tend to cause the most conflict. We heard this excellent question recently at our Raleigh divorce workshop. Because it’s a frequently asked question, we thought we’d share the answer. Q: If the … Read more

How Can I Convince My Spouse to Divorce Amicably?


Divorce on peaceful terms is far easier and will certainly cost less than a divorce full of contention. An amicable divorce is also far better if you have children. After all, you’re going to continue to be involved somewhat in each other’s lives. But if your spouse doesn’t want a divorce, he or she may put up … Read more

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

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Collaborative divorce is one way to approach the divorce process. While this approach is not for everyone, if both partners are on good terms, it can make divorce as easy as possible. What is Collaborative Divorce? Collaborative divorce is basically what it sounds like: the two partners work together to figure out the details of … Read more

Five Ways To Manage The Stress From A Divorce


Divorce is stressful. Saying so feels like platitudes, an obvious statement gone stale from too many repeats. But the stress of divorce is unique, one of those situations you cannot fully understand until you’ve lived through it. Suddenly, you’re in this club and only people who have been there really grasp what you’re going through. … Read more

Can I Get an Annulment Instead of a Divorce?

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Couples who have not been married very long may be wondering about annulment. Annulment sounds like a shortcut, an easier way to break off the marriage and start over. But annulment isn’t necessarily the easy path some imagine, and not everyone qualifies. Here is what you need to know about annulment in North Carolina. What … Read more

Grandparents Rights After A Divorce In North Carolina

infant newborn grandmother grandparents

Divorce brings up a lot of questions about child support and child custody. The partners who are splitting bear most of the weight while making these decisions, but there is one group of people who may also feel concerned: grandparents. Grandparents’ Custodial Rights If you are the grandparent, unfortunately, you do not have many legal … Read more

What Documents Will I Need For My Divorce?

divorce paperwork

Divorce requires paperwork. Unfortunately, gathering up the paperwork and information you need can be difficult, especially if you’re not the person who manages those documents and accounts. Still, if you are thinking about divorce or have already decided on divorce, there are several items your lawyer and financial advisor will need. It’s best to track … Read more

How to Tell Friends and Family about Your Divorce


Once you and your spouse decide to get a divorce, you’ll have to figure out when and where to tell people. Of course telling the children is the biggest hurdle, but telling friends and family about your divorce is difficult and can cause additional stress. There are no rules for how to break news of divorce to … Read more

Can I Start Dating Before My Divorce Is Finalized?

dating after divorce

People often ask friends, family, and therapists when is the best time to date again after divorce. No matter the answer your heart tells you, there is one answer important to your legal proceedings: after the divorce is final. Dating while separated, but not yet divorced, can cause problems for your legal proceedings. In North Carolina, … Read more

How To Find A Divorce Attorney

divorce questions

Choosing an attorney is difficult and it’s hard to know what questions to ask a divorce lawyer. You want to find someone who will be your advocate, fight for you, understand what you’re dealing with. You don’t want this person to be your therapist, but he/she will be privy to a lot of your personal … Read more

That “Easy Online Divorce” Isn’t So Easy

easy button divorce

Divorce is not an easy process. What if there were a better way?  There is! — At least if you believe some of the advertisements out there for an online divorce, or an “easy divorce.”  Once advertisers realize you are separated, you will probably start to see some of these advertisements. Some claim you can … Read more

Divorce – The Four Pillar Approach

property division

Divorce in North Carolina is governed by statutes and laws and is the legal end to a marriage and the rights that a marriage provides. It is the culmination of the required time of separation in North Carolina and the meeting of the statutory requirements for filing, serving, and granting of divorce. It can also … Read more

Lessons from high-profile divorces

North Carolina fans of actor Johnny Depp may have followed news of his divorce from Amber Heard. Depp is also selling off some of the paintings from his art collection, but insiders say it is probably not related to the divorce. Depp and Heard married in California, a community property state, and the marriage only … Read more

Preparing for divorce negotiations

North Carolina couples who are ending their marriages need to be ready for some changes. Divorces can have a significant impact on a person’s finances for years after the settlement is reached. Apart from the financial strain that a divorce can induce, negotiations over matters such as custody and visitation can be very stressful. People … Read more

Boxes, Bows and Gifts to the Marriage

By Matthew Jackson The holidays are generally a time of family togetherness, merriment, and gift exchanges. Because of the traditions and hustle and bustle of the holiday season, many clients wait to seek legal services until after the holidays. Yet, it is commonly realized well before the New Year that a separation/divorce may be looming. … Read more

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