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Tips For Letting Go

divorce and separation

There is nothing easy about letting go, especially when you are downsizing, handling the estate of a loved one or dividing a household in divorce.

People have a tendency to keep too much because they find comfort in the “things” and the memories that go with them. In a divorce, many of the items in the home have painful memories associated with them like wedding and anniversary gifts or items purchased together while still married.

Many divorcing couples end up fighting over material items due to high emotions. Hiring a licensed estate sale company can help remove the emotions from the dividing of property and give both parties a fresh start.

  • Being able to let go will help you find closure and give you peace of mind. It will reduce the clutter, help lessen the stress, and reduce family stress. It will also reduce future worries when your children have to carry the burden of making decisions for these items.
  • Storage is not usually a practical long term solution. The cost of storage far outweighs the value of the items that have been stored. Try to make decisions now rather than later. Postponing these decisions will only delay the inevitable.
  • People will often select too much for themselves and also for their children and grandchildren. It is a painful realization when the kids do not want your wedding china. Please understand these items are less important to the younger generations who have little attachment to these personal items.
  • Do not let guilty feelings get in the way. What is more important is what you want. Be honest with yourself when you realize certain items are not special enough for you to keep. It is perfectly fine to let go of possessions, especially if you do not cherish them.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why am I keeping it?
  • Will I use this item?
  • Do I love it so much I cannot live without it?
  • Is there someone else who could use it more?
  • Am I keeping it because I do not want someone else to have it?

Whether you are downsizing or splitting up a marital home, taking time to evaluate the things in your life and let go of unnecessary or painful items is a good thing. The benefits to this include:

  • Fresh start without emotionally charged items
  • Cash for your possessions which can be used to purchase new items to make new memories
  • Ridding yourself of clutter to give you a fresh perspective

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