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Beginning Again After Divorce Later in Life

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When your life has been a certain way for many years, adjusting to a new routine can be difficult. After a divorce, life will inevitably change as you shift from a shared life to a life of your own. Life after divorce will not be easy, but it is possible to begin again no matter your age. 

Focus on Yourself

If you and your ex-spouse share a family, it is likely that you have devoted much of your life to raising your children and working to provide for your family. If your children are grown, this means that you now can choose how to spend your time. This may be your opportunity to immerse yourself in hobbies, travel, or projects you were not able to pursue throughout your marriage. The world is your oyster!

Focus on Friends

Your friends can be an excellent support system during this challenging time in your life. Remember that although you might feel alone, these people have been there for you in the past and will continue to support you in the future. 

Focus on the Future

Your marriage might be in your past, but your future now holds endless possibilities. Rather than harping on the loss of your relationship, consider the potential the years ahead hold. Your decisions regarding your future can be made without considering other individuals, so you can determine the path your future follows. Take advantage of your newfound freedom! 

Focus on Finances

A divorce later in life has an impact on your finances, and you can read more about that in our post, Financial Aspects of a Gray Divorce

As time passes, you will become more comfortable with the idea of your new future. Remember to be patient, as these changes won’t unfold overnight. If you’re unsure how to begin again after your divorce, visit one of our workshops for access to resources and support.


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