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Preparing for divorce negotiations

North Carolina couples who are ending their marriages need to be ready for some changes. Divorces can have a significant impact on a person’s finances for years after the settlement is reached. Apart from the financial strain that a divorce can induce, negotiations over matters such as custody and visitation can be very stressful.

People should try to prepare themselves for negotiations and court appearances by gathering as much information and evidence as they can. All account numbers and passwords for financial accounts should be saved along with copies of vital documents. The contents of the marital home should also be assessed and photographed because these assets will likely need to be divided.

Divorcing people may be able to save time and money by listening to the advice of people who have already gone through a similar experience. While every divorce is different, they may have learned some valuable lessons from their mistakes that they can pass on. One lesson that many divorced people learn is that it is sometimes better to settle quickly than to argue over every last detail. Divorces are negotiations, and each side usually has to give up something in order to reach an agreement.

Before property division negotiations begin, a family law may help a client determine what assets are worth fighting for and which ones are not all that important. Some marital property is far more sentimental to one party than financially valuable to the other, and this can often be taken into account as a possible negotiating tactic. Once an accord is reached, the remaining legal issues can be addressed in a comprehensive agreement.


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